Gary Sivak

Gary Sivak
Technical Director,
Performing Arts

Meet Gary Sivak

OF NOTE:  Instructs students in the Theatre Department on lighting, sound, carpentry, video, music and 3D modeling. Leads technical design and execution approximately 6 shows per academic year.

KNOWN FOR: Sparking interest within students who may have never experienced the magic of live theatre.

Popular quote: “I rule my food group.”

Examples of the classes taught by Gary Sivak:
  • Intro to Stagecraft (TA-110)
  • Intro to Lighting Design (TA-210)
  • Intro to Set Design (TA-310)

B.F.A, Theatre Arts, University of North Carolina at Charlotte

  • Best Sound Design 1992 Creative Loafing
  •  Best Sound Design Nomination 1994 Creative Loafing
  •  Best Sound Design Award 2002 Creative Loafing
  •  Best Sound Design 2003-2004 Metrolina Theatre Association
  •  Best Sound Design 2004-2005 Metrolina Theatre Association
  •  Best Sound Design Award MTA Comedy 2005-2006
  •  Best Sound Design Award MTA Drama 2005-2006
  •  Best Sound Design Award MTA Musical 2007-2008
  •  Best Video Design Award MTA Drama 2011
  •  Best Lighting Design Nomination MTA “Spamalot” Summer 2013
  • Supervised Oetgen Scholarship students with set building
  •  Supervised Oetgen Scholarship students with running crew duties
  •  Supervised Oetgen Scholarship students with lighting plot
  •  Supervised Participants in the 24 Hour Play Project
  •  Coordinated with the Admissions department on all Accepted students day events
  •  Ran Numerous lectures in the Haid theatre in between productions

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