Kristin Hayes

Kristin Hayes

Meet Kristin Hayes

OF NOTE: Teaches several dance classes in addition to choreographing Belmont Abbey College’s annual musical and annual dance showcase.

KNOWN FOR: Showing teachers how to incorporate dance into their classroom and showing students how to use the art form of dance as a means of communication and expression.

When not in the classroom, can often be found: Exploring the world and dancing on multiple continents; teaching K-12 students in core classes through Dance Curriculum Integration.

Popular quote: “I teach because our students of today are our leaders of tomorrow. I am so grateful for the opportunity to help broaden their world, so they can go on to make a greater impact in their communities and beyond.”

Examples of the classes taught by Kristin Hayes:
  • DA 101: Dance Appreciation
  • DA 102: Dance Technique I
  • DA 202: Dance Technique II
  • DA 212: Ballroom I
  • DA 213: Ballroom II
  • DA 214: Ballroom III
  • DA 216: Musical Theater
  • DA 217: Dance Conditioning
  • DA 218: Tap
  • DA 301: Choreography
  • B.A. Winthrop University
  • M.A. Winthrop University
  • Choreographer for Belmont Abbey’s annual Musical
  • Producer and choreographer for Belmont Abbey’s annual Dance Showcase

Dance Curriculum Integration-Teaching K-12 core content

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