Dr. Nathalie Coté

Dr. Nathalie Coté

Meet Nathalie Coté

OF NOTE: Instructs courses including Statistics for Psychology, Research Methods, Cognitive Psychology and Biological Psychology.

KNOWN FOR: Helping students in introductory psychology courses learn what they are passionate about.

When not in the classroom, can often be found: Advising individuals as a Certified Personal Finance Counselor.

Popular quote: “We [the Psychology Department] build relationships with the students and help guide them towards their best path as a person. We don’t just stand up in front of the class and lecture.”

Examples of the classes taught by Nathalie Coté:
  • Introduction to Psychology
  • Statistics for Psychology
  • Research Methods
  • Cognitive Psychology
  • Biological Psychology
  • Science and Practice of Psychology
  • B.A., Furman University
  • M.S., Vanderbilt University
  • Ph.D., Vanderbilt University
  • Certified Personal Finance Counselor®
  • Coté, N., Nodarse, A., Whaley T.M., Fungate, M.D., Stansberry, A.E., Martinez, E.M., Murillo, R.C., Monrroy, S.G., & Hetzel, G.E. (2020, June-September). Financial self-efficacy and values predict money management behavior in college students. [Poster presentation]. Association for Psychological Science, Virtual Poster Showcase.
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  • American Psychological Assoc. (APA)
  • Southeastern Psychological Assoc.
  • Assoc. for Psychological Science
  • Society for the Teaching of Psychology
  • American Assoc. of University Women
  • Charlotte Area Network for the Teaching of Psychology (CANTOP)
  • Financial decision-making
  • Development of moral reasoning

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