Dr. Nathalie Coté

Dr. Nathalie Coté
Dr. Nathalie Coté
Professor, Director of Financial Literacy Program,

Meet Dr. Nathalie Coté

Instructs courses including Statistics for Psychology, Research Methods, Cognitive Psychology and Biological Psychology.

Helping students in introductory psychology courses learn what they are passionate about.

Talking with students about personal finance at Money The Abbey Way financial literacy events.

“We [the Psychology Department] build relationships with the students and help guide them towards their best path as a person. We don’t just stand up in front of the class and lecture.”

Examples of the classes taught by Dr. Nathalie Coté:
  • Introduction to Psychology
  • Statistics for Psychology
  • Research Methods
  • Cognitive Psychology
  • Biological Psychology
  • Science and Practice of Psychology
  • B.A., Furman University
  • M.S., Vanderbilt University
  • Ph.D., Vanderbilt University
  • Graduate Certificate in financial planning from Queens University of Charlotte
  • Coté, N., Nodarse, A., Whaley T.M., Fungate, M.D., Stansberry, A.E., Martinez, E.M., Murillo, R.C., Monrroy, S.G., & Hetzel, G.E. (2020, June-September). Financial self-efficacy and values predict money management behavior in college students. [Poster presentation]. Association for Psychological Science, Virtual Poster Showcase.
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  • American Psychological Assoc. (APA)
  • Southeastern Psychological Assoc.
  • Assoc. for Psychological Science
  • Society for the Teaching of Psychology
  • American Assoc. of University Women
  • Charlotte Area Network for the Teaching of Psychology (CANTOP)
  • Financial decision-making
  • Development of moral reasoning
  • Financial Planning Association

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