Sr. Jane Russell

Sr. Jane Russell
Sr. Jane Russell
Associate Professor,

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Examples of the classes taught by Sr. Jane Russell:


  • Ecclesiology; Fundamental Theology;
  • Women & Men in Ministry; The Future of Ministry


Undergraduate & Deaconate* Formation

  • Introduction to Scripture: Old Testament; Intro. to Scripture: New Testament
  • Paul and His Letters
  • Christian Thought I (Early to Medieval); II (Reformation to Modern)
  • Introduction to Theology; Theology of Human Existence; Foundations of Catholic Faith;
  • Theology of the Church [& Sacraments]; Ecumenism
  • Ministry: Theology and Practice
  • Current Issues in the Church
  • Eschatology
  • Theology and Science;
  • Catholic Social Teaching
  • Theology of the Holy Spirit
  • Women in the Christian Tradition
  • Christ & Freedom: Perspectives on Theology of Liberation
  • Honors Seminar (Coord.): The Problem of God
  • The Catholic Tradition; Historical Theology II: Reformation/Modern
  • Adult Education (Non-Credit)
  • Church History. Jesus in the Gospels. “Have You Been Saved?”
  • Ecumenism.
  • Technology & Christian Hope.
  • Tending God’s Garden: Spirituality & Practice for an Ecozoic Age.
  • Reflections on She Who Is.
  • B.A., Alverno College
  • M.A., University of San Francisco
  • Ph.D., University of Notre Dame
  • Review of Kathleen Cahalan, Introducing the Practice of Ministry and Edward Hahnenberg, Theology for Ministry in SSSF Pastoral Ministry Network Newsletter 36:2 (Jan., 2016), 8-10.
  • Review of Diarmuid O’Murchu’s God in the Midst of Change. Reprinted in SSSF Pastoral Ministry Network Newsletter 35:2 (May, 2014), 5-6.
  • “Profile Update: Sister Mary Dingman, `Aging and Saging.’” SSSF PMN Newsletter 34:2 (March, 2013), 5-7.
  • “Comments on the USCCB’s Global Climate Change.” In Confronting the Climate Crisis: Catholic Theological Perspectives. Jame Schaefer, ed. Milwaukee, WI: Marquette University Press, 2011. 439-45.
  • “Sister Leanne’s Holistic Ministry. U.S. (Online newsletter of SSSF, U.S. Province, May, 2010), Reprinted in Women of Hope (SSSF Vocation newsletter) April, 2015, p. 2.
  • Report on the Women’s Consultation in Constructive Theology, for Proceedings of the Sixty-Second Annual Convention, Catholic Theological Society of America, 64 (2009), 150f.
  • “Sister Mary Carroll’s Ministry of Acompañamiento. U.S (Tabloid of SSSF, U.S. Province), Jan. 2009.
  • “Sister Anna Wolfe: Chaplain Emerita Extraordinaire” U.S. Jan., 2008, 12.
  • Review of Thomas P. Rausch, Towards a Truly Catholic Church: An Ecclesiology for the Third Millennium. SSSF Pastoral Ministry Network Newsletter 29.2 (Jan. 2008), 6-7.
  • Review of Joel Primack & Nancy Abram, The View from the Center of the Universe. PMN Newsletter 28:3 (Jan. 2007), 4-6.
  • “Sister Mary Hettich `Reveals the Healing Presence.’” U.S. Jan., 2006.
  • “Church Teaching on Peace and Justice—Resources.” PMN Newsletter 27:3 (Jan. ‘06), 4-5.
  • Review of Elizabeth Johnson’s Truly Our Sister: A Theology of Mary in the Communion of Saints & Dangerous Memories: A Mosaic of Mary in Scripture. PMN Newsletter 26:2 (Dec. ’04), 10-11.
  • “Sister Maureen Makes a Path toward the Peaceable Kingdom.” U.S. Dec-Jan, 2003-2004.
  • “The DRE Who Ran the Parish.” SSSF PMN Newsletter 25:1 (May ’03), 1-2.
  • “S. Catherine Kever: Prison Chaplain.” U.S. Feb-Mar, 2003, 5.
  • Review of Elizabeth Johnson’s Friends of God & Prophets. SSSF PMN Newsletter 23:1 (May ’01), 4-5.
  • “Love Your Enemies: Church as Community of Non-Violence.” In The Wisdom of the Cross: Essays in Honor of John Howard Yoder. Eds. Stanley Hauerwas, et al. Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 1999. 373-88.
  • “SSSF in the U.S.: E Pluribus Unum.” Leadership Conference of Women Religious, The Occasional Papers 26:2 (Fall 1997) 3-12.
  • “`A Holy Newness’: The Franciscan Movement as Leaven for Renewal of the Church.” The Cord 46:6 (Nov-Dec ’96) 287-299.
  • “Walking in Darkness.” Sisters Today 67 (Nov. 1995) 412-13.

I have studied many aspects of the twentieth-century Catholic renewal, from small Christian communities to liberation theology to the Christian Initiation of Adults. I pay increasing attention in recent years to the interface of theology and science, especially in relation to the long-term flourishing of the Earth community.

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