St. Scholastica Hall (females) and St. Benedict Hall (males) 

 O’Connell Hall (females) 

Poellath Hall (males) 

Poellath O'Connell RA dorm shot

Suite Layout of Poellath and O’Connell Halls. Raphael Arthur is the same, except with furniture for single occupancy.

Important housing dates to consider:

Between April – August Housing information for the following year is mailed out to all accepted and deposited new students. Between June-July Roommate matching begins. Notification of roommates and housing assignments will occur via email. There are five residence halls and four apartment buildings. The residence halls are module-suite style. The dimensions for Poellath Hall (males) and O’Connell Hall (females) rooms are: Room – see chart to right Closet – see chart to right Window – see chart to right (mini-blinds provided) Each room in Poellath and O’Connell contains: 2  – Standard twin bunkable/ adjustable beds 2 – Mattresses (XL twin available upon request) 2 – Desks 2 – Chairs 2 – 3-drawer dressers 1 – Cable TV outlet 1 — A/C unit The dimensions for St. Scholastica Hall (females) or St. Benedict Hall (males) rooms are:

Scholastica Benedict room layout

Room layout for St. Benedict Hall and St. Scholastica Hall

Bedroom (approx) – 9′ x 8′ Wardrobe – 36″W x 24″D x 78″H Window – 40″ x 48″ (mini-blinds provided) Common area (approx) – 9′ x 12′ Each single bedroom in St. Scholastica and St. Benedict contains: 1 – Extra-long twin bed (not bunkable or adjustable) 1 – Mattress 1 – Desk 1 – Chair 1 – Wardrobe Bedrooms are carpeted Each suite in St. Scholastica and St. Benedict contains: 1 – Sofa 1 – Loveseat 1 – Side table 1 – 3-shelf media unit 1 – Cable TV outlet Please read complete information on the St. Scholastica and St. Benedict residence hall rooms on this flyer. St. Benedict St. Scholastica info Raphael Arthur Hall is also a suite style residence hall; eight students share a four room suite with each room double occupancy. Alcohol is allowed for those students who are 21 years old in certain areas of the hall. The residence hall is divided by floors. Floors 1 and 2 are occupied by males and floor 3 is occupied by females. The dimensions for rooms in Raphael Arthur are: Room – 14′ x 10′ Closet – 4′ x 7′ Window – 72″ x 60″ (mini-blinds provided) Furniture set up for Raphael Arthur is undergoing a revision. More information will soon be available. However basic furniture will include:

  • Twin bedding
  • Mattresses (XL twin available upon request)
  • Study area
  • Chairs
  • Cable TV outlet

As part of the renovations in the summer of 2016, Raphael Arthur Hall will have upgraded electrical capabilities and each room will have air conditioning. Microwaves are not allowed unless part of a rented microfridge.

Apartment Layout

Cuthbert Allen apartments typical layout

Four students share each apartment in the Cuthbert Allen Apartments. These  apartments feature a large living room & kitchenette, single bedrooms and a shared bathroom. Alcohol is allowed for those students who are 21 years old. The dimensions for the apartments are: Bedroom – (approx) 10′ x 10′ Common area – 12′ x 22′ Each bedroom in the Cuthbert Allen apartments contains: 1- Standard twin bed 1- Mattress (XL available upon request) 1- Desk 1- Chair 1- Dresser 1- Wardrobe 1 – Cable TV outlet Floors are carpeted Each living room in Cuthbert Allen apartments contains: 1- Dining table & chairs 1 – Sofa 2 – Side chairs 2 – End table 1 – Coffee table 1- Refrigerator 1- Microwave Complete dimensions and details about each residence hall on campus is provided on this layout. Belmont Abbey College residence hall floor plans Please read the Residence Life FAQs for more information about campus life. This Roommate Agreement is required upon move-in for all first-year students. Roommate Agreement If you have questions about dimensions, furnishings, policies or roommates, or any another questions, please feel free to contact us: Residence Life Office Belmont Abbey College 100 Belmont-Mt Holly Road Belmont , NC 28012 704-461-6893 e-mail: