Dr. Hren Published in First Things

Dr. Hren Published in First Things
January 14, 2021

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Dr. Joshua Hren wears many hats at the Abbey. He’s the Assistant Dean of the Honors College, an Associate Professor of English, and faculty Advisor for Agora. Dr. Hren has many ongoing writing pursuits (you can peruse many of them by clicking here) and was recently featured in First Things magazine with a piece entitled, George Saunders on Story.

First Things is published by the Institute on Religion and Public Life, an interreligious, nonpartisan research and educational organization. And according to NewsweekFirst Things is “…the most important vehicle for exploring the tangled wed of religion and society in the English-speaking world.”

In Dr. Hren’s piece, he explores George Saunders’ new book of essays, A Swim in a Pond in the Rain. Saunders discusses stories from authors such as Checkhov and Tolstoy, and Dr. Hren gets right to the heart of his work stating that Saunders traces “…the pulse of many literary problems to our strivings after moral salvation.”

Read the entirety of George Saunders on Story by Dr. Joshua Hren by clicking here.