American Exteriors: A Story of Family, Hard Work, and Faith

June 27, 2022

“The Abbey prepared us for this,” said Taylor McEachern, Belmont Abbey Class of 2020. “This” refers to graduating from college in the midst of a global pandemic, getting married to his fiancée and fellow Abbey alum Emma Wolff, finding out they are going to be parents, and starting their own business – all in one year. Taylor majored in Marketing and played Baseball at Belmont Abbey. Upon graduating in 2020, he found himself practically homeless and jobless, with a fiancée. Not sure where to turn, he started working with Emma’s father and then landed a job with the U.S. Department of Defense, working in supply technology for mission-critical needs. After a stressful period, it seemed that their circumstances were turning around. Shortly thereafter, they found out Emma was pregnant and the baby would arrive December of 2020. “Finding out Emma was pregnant really made me stop and think. Being a first-time parent was scary, but it caused me to really think about the kind of life I wanted for my family,” said Taylor. 

Taylor is not a stranger to hard work and entrepreneurship. While in college at the Abbey, he started a Marketing company that specifically served businesses in downtown Belmont. When he found his life changing in the latter half of 2020, he reached back to his entrepreneurial roots and founded American Exteriors, a commercial and residential exterior cleaning company. Taylor’s vision is to become a trusted partner to hard-working people, making their homes and businesses cleaner and their lives a little easier. To make this happen Taylor worked 15-hour days, keeping his day job with the U.S. Department of Defense and pouring his nights into American Exteriors. He purchased the equipment, hired employees, and invested in marketing, but the next three months were challenging. “I paid my employees but business was slow, so my income was non-existent. We relied on credit cards and I sold an appreciated vehicle. I was committed to seeing this through, but we went three months without a single phone call,” he said. In April of 2021, American Exteriors secured a substantial contract with a local string of gas stations that changed the game. “They gave us a shot and recommended us to other businesses. We saw things take off and today, we have 186 recurring clients. We are booked out three months at a time,” said Taylor. 

It has been a long road, but Taylor and Emma believe that their efforts now are an investment in their future freedom. “We want to be able to spend time with Miles without feeling tied down,” Taylor said. The couple also feels that they are setting a valuable example for their son, by demonstrating the importance of a steady work ethic. “Our time at the Abbey taught us to trust God and His plan for our path. Our professors really encouraged us to put ourselves there and make connections with the community. It was so refreshing to be in a place where our ideas were valued,” said Emma. As students, Taylor and Emma were heavily involved in the Benedictine Leadership Institute, Benedictine Volunteer Corps, and the Rotary club. Participation in these organizations helped them both feel comfortable talking to people and sharing their ideas. Taylor recognizes this as an important foundation of the Sales business. “Sales can be tough. To be successful it’s important to find your voice, learn how to be told no, and find the right people to work with,” he said. It is this determination that Taylor and Emma hope to pass on to their son, Miles. “We want him to understand the value of hard work and be grateful for the opportunities at hand. We want him to know how to work with hands, but also how to be a leader and work with people,” the couple shared. 

Although American Exteriors is booming, the couple has not stopped dreaming. Taylor is working on his Contractor’s license and Emma is pursuing her Real Estate license, with the hope of eventually incorporating a moving and relocation support into American Exteriors services. Miles is nearing toddlerhood, Taylor is still enjoying his 9-to-5 job and American Exteriors is thriving. When asked about his reflections on those tough two years Taylor shared, “It was the biggest blessing. Having a baby transitioned us into thinking differently.” No matter what the future holds, Taylor and Emma will look to their faith and their tireless hard work to create a good life for themselves and others. 

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