COVID Update Fall 2022

August 16, 2022

COVID Update Fall 2022

August, 16, 2022

Quarantine (from exposure): Belmont Abbey College follows the newly released guidelines from the CDC that suggest no quarantine after exposure to a known positive. Students who have been exposed to a known positive should continue normal campus functions while masking for 10 days post-exposure. If you develop symptoms, please contact the Wellness Center and email

Masks: Masks remain optional in all areas of campus. The only populations that should mask are those who have been exposed (see above) or are returning to normal campus functions following an isolation period in accord with CDC recommendations.

Occupancy: There are currently no occupancy restrictions in campus buildings or events.

Testing: As has been the case for some time, we have testing capabilities in our Wellness Center for symptomatic students. We will not be testing asymptomatic students for purposes of athletic participation and competition.

Isolation (5-day duration with a COVID positive test result): Students that test positive will need to isolate off campus either at home, in a hotel, or other accommodations for five (5) days at their own expense and will be responsible for other factors during the isolation period (dining, transportation, communicating with professors, etc.). After the isolation period – if you are fever-free for at least 24 hours, and your symptoms have cleared or significantly reduced, you may return to normal campus activities. However, you must wear a medical mask when you are with other students, staff, or faculty, for an additional five (5) days.

We strongly encourage students to come to campus with a plan on how they will isolate off campus, should the need arise.