Campus Resources to Remember

Campus Resources to Remember
December 16, 2022

Author: The Crusader Staff Writer, Amanda Johnson

College is never a perfect time for anybody. For young adults coming out of high school, four years away from home can be hard for anybody. However, it is always important to know about the resources that are available on campus.


  • If you are struggling in a class, go to your professor’s office hours – they are there so that students can come and ask for help! In my experience, every professor is happy to meet with you outside of class.
  • Tutoring options that are new this year: Look into the STEM Lab on the first floor of the Science Building and the Writing Center in Stowe 216. These are often student-led – so they know what it’s like to be in your shoes!
  • Academic Advising is located in the New Residence Hall on the first floor (to the left when you walk in). These lovely ladies are able to help you understand academics here as a whole and might help you figure out what
    classes to take next. If you have already declared your major, get in contact with your academic advisor within your department. You can find their name on Self-Service at the bottom of your unofficial transcript!


  • The Counseling Center is located on the bottom floor of the Haid. You can schedule appointments online at and talk with our counselor about anything from academic stress, grief, social distress, and so much more! They take a solution-focused approach, which means that you do not attend for more than 6 sessions.
  • The Resident Assistant on duty isn’t only for if you’re locked out or want to make a noise complaint – if you are feeling overwhelmed and need someone immediately to talk to, call them and tell them you’re struggling. Every RA gets trained on how to respond to mental health crises!
  • You could also just reach out to your personal RA if you want some guidance or a listening ear and don’t know where else to turn. Your RA is usually on your floor or wing and is always willing to help.
  • If you feel unsafe, you can contact Campus Police at (704) 400-6200. They can give you a ride from your car at night if you are parked far away, will jump your car if necessary, and do so much more!

This article was originally posted in the Fall 2022, Issue 1 of The Crusader Newspaper. Download the full issue.