Senior in Kindergarten

Senior in Kindergarten
December 10, 2022

Author: The Crusader Staff Writer, Laura Gonzalez

Life as a student flies by without realizing it. Some moments feel so long and others end faster than they start. As my time as a student is becoming shorter and shorter, it is ironic that I will start all over in the grade that is the start for everyone. Kindergarten! I am a senior here at the Abbey, but almost every moment has been spent in Kindergarten with 25 students. Usually people think that it entails lots of arts and crafts, story times, and nap time, but let me be the first to say, they took my nap time away. With spending so much time in Kindergarten, I have noticed some similarities to the college lifestyle as well.

The similarities between college students and kindergarteners:

  • Nap time
  • Drawing during class
  • Making random comments during class to either distract the teachers or to keep yourself interested
  • The slightest amount of work can lead to someone crying or throwing it away in the trash to forget about it
  • Lunchtime is the biggest social hour of the day when you can barely hear the person next to you
  • Watching Youtube videos of whatever the teacher tried to teach for a better understanding
  • Dancing on elevated surfaces
  • After a long day of school, a nice cold drink hits the spot
  • Love fruit juice
  • Food is the best motivation, especially when it is free

Who would’ve thought 5 and 6-year-olds would have such a similar lifestyle as college students. The experience of being in Kindergarten with 25 has been such a crazy, fun, and educational experience. Each day is different and constantly keeps me on the edge of my seat. From a teacher’s perspective, it is amazing to see the student’s growth and the joy on their faces when anything involves food. From a student’s perspective, you can see the happiness in the teacher’s eyes when they realize you did listen to the instructions or comprehended the learning objectives of the lessons.

A senior in Kindergarten is what I am, but I could never imagine anything better. I have learned more from my 25 students in just four months than I could have imagined. Being a student-teacher has made an enormous impact on my life and was the best challenge I have experienced. I look forward to becoming a full-time teacher after I graduate.

This article was originally posted in the Fall 2022, Issue 2 of The Crusader Newspaper. Download the full issue.