Sports Management Minor

April 15, 2023

Author: The Crusader Staff Writer, Madison Jones

The Belmont Abbey College Sports Management Minor offers a curriculum that allows for students to grow and adapt skills that will help further them in their careers. With a variety of course, professors, and networking connections, this minor is one that allows students grow both
personally and academically. There are two required courses for this minor, one being SM 200, which is titled History, Culture, and Philosophy of Sport, and the other is SM 201, which is Introduction to Sport Management. These two-course set the base for students to be able to learn skills such as organizational theory and leadership in sports, sports marketing, and sport facilities and event management. 

The Sport Management department has professors all will a different background and skill set. Dr. Trey Cunningham is the chair and associate professor of the department and has a background in sport security. Dana Catchpole is an assistant professor with a background in risk management and human resources. Lindsay Hofferberth is also an assistant professor with a very strong reach into professional sports teams based in Charlotte. And Quinn Beekwilder is both an assistant professor and coordinator for the sport management department; he is known for his vast experience in the motorsport field. 

The Sport Management minor offers a wide range of benefits, from the skills that a student will learn throughout the courses to the skills that can be taught from the various backgrounds of each of the department’s professors. This minor offers a unique experience because it allows for students to learn both in and out of the classroom by taking the information that is presented in lecture and giving them the opportunity to apply it towards real-world situations and experience.

This article was originally posted in the Spring of 2023, Issue 1 of The Crusader Newspaper. Download the full issue here.