Sports Minor

April 20, 2023

Author: The Crusader Staff Writer, Jake Snelgrove

At Belmont Abbey College, with countless opportunities to learn and set yourself up for the future with dozens of majors and minors to select from. The Abbey is proud to offer thirty-nine total minors open to anyone willing to work to achieve them. You can choose anything from philosophy and motorsport management to mathematics. 

With that many minors offered, paired with the total undergraduate student total being under 2,000 students, you will never have to worry about being unable to get accepted into a minor program. For today’s feature presentation, we will deep dive into the Sports Management Minor and everything that goes into it.

With a Sports Management Minor at Belmont Abbey College on your post-grad resume, you will have much better access to the sports business world than ever before. Taking a sports minor requires you to take a minimum total of at least five classes. These classes include History, Culture, and Philosophy of sport, where you learn all about the first ever documented sports in history up to the present-day sports we all know and love today. 

Introduction to Sport Management and three other 300 to 400-level classes are the different class requirements, where you have a selection that ranges from Intro to Motorsport to Sports Broadcasting classes.  Every academic department here at the Abbey showcases very talented and highly praised professors, and the Sport Management department is no different.  

  • Trey Cunningham
  • Dana Catchpole
  • Lindsay Hofferberth

Listed above are three of Belmont Abbeys’ finest sports management professors, as we highly recommend taking at least one class with each of them.

The sports department is proud to have professors with professional backgrounds in sports media, broadcasting, production, and sports competitions. With the vast collection of knowledge and hands-on experience, each professor can help our students learn and prosper as much as possible.  

Belmont Abbey College prides itself on giving every one of its students the highest form of education possible and has done so for many years. With just under forty total minors offered, the Abbey ensures that its students have a wide variety of what they can choose to learn about. The Sports Management Minor is one of the best to take, as it is also one of the more popular minors taken by the students here. The professors and staff are all top-of-the-line and overqualified to teach their classes, which shows in the success of sport management students post-graduation.

This article was originally posted in the Spring of 2023, Issue 1 of The Crusader Newspaper. Download the full issue here.