Strengthening Abbey Athletics

Strengthening Abbey Athletics
April 27, 2023

Belmont Abbey College Vice President and Director of Athletics Stephen Miss has announced the transition into new roles for current Associate Athletic Directors Justin Bates and Gabrielle Reppell. Bates, Associate Athletic Director of Internal Operations and Reppell, Associate Athletic Director of External Operations will switch roles in order to continue building upon the growth and success of the athletic department.

For the past seven years, Bates has led the charge on facilities and operations and will now have the opportunity to expand upon his professional development as he pursues his ultimate goal of becoming an athletic director at the collegiate level. After a year and a half of learning and deepening her understanding of outreach and fundraising, Reppell will shift into a role that will more clearly align with her previous experience in athletics.

“The reassignment of Justin Bates’ and Gabrielle Reppell’s duties exemplifies the WIN, WIN, WIN creative solutions we look to identify and implement here at The Abbey,” Miss stated. “Justin is provided an opportunity to expand his skillset and, thereby, become even more of an asset than he already has proven himself to be – a WIN. Gabby will return to overseeing an area in which she possesses expertise and dexterity gained at previous stops along her career path and for which she exhibits tremendous passion – a WIN. Our Culture will be reinvigorated and our Department will be more efficient and productive – (BIG) WIN! I am excited to continue to work alongside Justin and Gabby as they both continue to grow professionally and to mature into becoming two of the finest Athletics Administrators in the country.”

In their new respective roles, Bates will oversee marketing, promotions, sponsorship, and donor cultivation. Reppell will now turn her attention to creating an extraordinary experience for the student-athletes, coaches, fans and guests while overseeing the maintenance and development of facilities.

Bates and Reppel were interviewed by Collegiate Sports Connect highlighting this transition.

Watch their interview here.