Changes to Newspaper Format for Fall 2023

Changes to Newspaper Format for Fall 2023
May 16, 2023

Author: The Crusader Newspaper Advisor Erin Jensen

We hope you have enjoyed reading the school newspaper over the last several years. I have been the faculty advisor since 2019 and we have published at least one edition every semester since then. 

I usually spend a lot of time each semester encouraging articles to be written, editing the articles, formatting the articles, and then creating the layout of the newspaper. I have appreciated the various student editors that have helped with this process every semester. Thanks for all the help this semester from Regina Vehige and last semester from Jose Hernandez. 

The newspaper is going to be changing its format starting Fall 2023. Instead of the articles being compiled into a pdf (like this one), articles will now be individually published on the newspaper website

Students interested in writing for the school newspaper can still register for EN 199 (Newspaper Production) and have the opportunity to be a staff writer. The class is offered every semester as an online asynchronous class and counts for the Writing minor. 

We hope you continue to read and support Abbey students as they write news and feature articles.

This article was originally posted in the Spring 2023, Issue 3 of The Crusader NewspaperDownload the full issue here.