Belmont Abbey College and Primal Brewery Collaborate to Create “Made True Brew”

Belmont Abbey College and Primal Brewery Collaborate to Create “Made True Brew”
October 5, 2023

Belmont Abbey College, located just outside of Charlotte, North Carolina, has always been more than just a college; it’s a community united by faith and tradition. With a mission to create a world “made true,” the Abbey partnered with Primal Brewery in downtown Belmont to craft a classic doppelbock beer named “Made True Brew.” This collaboration, a testament of faith, commitment to the local community, and the art of brewing, will make a tangible difference for years to come. 

 Belmont Abbey College launched the Made True campaign in February 2022 as a groundbreaking $100 million initiative and development plan. It aims to establish a new monastery, performing arts center, and other academic enhancements. In addition, the campaign seeks to reduce reliance on federal aid and stewardship programs to help students graduate debt-free. Through this campaign, Belmont Abbey College embraces the responsibility to transform our country’s growing culture, striving to be a welcoming liberal arts school that restores our culture so humankind can thrive under the light of God’s providence. 

 Both Primal Brewery and Belmont Abbey College are united by a shared commitment to enriching their communities through hospitality and the art of brewing. Together, they created “Made True Brew,” a doppelbock beer that not only spreads the theme of the Made True campaign but provides an opportunity for the community to come together over a great drink. Brother Tobiah and Andrew Browne of Belmont Abbey College collaborated with Ray Steimal and Jim Swintek of Primal Brewery. The Made True doppelbock is now available at both Primal Brewery locations and the college plans to feature it at many of its events.

 According to Stemial and Swintek, “Beer is social. We started brewing beer as a social event. We’ve always considered ourselves a gathering place. For us, it’s about that camaraderie. Primal in the Wesbter’s Dictionary means essential, fundamental to good, wholesome life. The social environment, that’s in our blood.” This community-building goes hand in hand with the Benedictine hallmark of hospitality that the monks at the Abbey so joyously exhibit. Not only do the monks welcome and extend a personal hospitality to each member of the college community, but their welcome extends further to our local community of Belmont as well. 

 Belmont Abbey is grateful to call Belmont home and appreciates collaborating with Primal Brewery and other local businesses to promote fellowship and personal growth within our community. If you plan to visit the Abbey, you will want to attend our homecoming celebration from October 6-8th, 2023. While you’re in town, stop by Primal Brewery, just a few minutes from campus, to give “Made True Brew” a try. So please mark your calendar and join us for a weekend of fun, fellowship, and fantastic beer.