Dr. Erin Jensen

Dr. Erin Jensen
Dr. Erin Jensen
Associate Professor,
English Social Media & Digital Communication

Meet Dr. Erin Jensen

Leads a breadth of coursework in communications, rhetoric, social media writing, and technical writing.

Encouraging students to apply their learning to real-world situations.

Publishing and presenting research on technical writing, L2 learners, pedagogical innovations, and student experiences in higher education.

“I enjoy the opportunity to teach students, hear their ideas, and learn from them.”

Examples of the classes taught by Dr. Erin Jensen:
  • RH 101: Rhetoric I
  • RH 102: Rhetoric II
  • CE 101: Communications Essentials
  • RH 104: Rhetoric and Writing
  • EN 361: Social Media Writing
  • EN 362: Editing and Writing for Publication
  • EN 363: Professional and Technical Writin
  • English 106: Introduction to Digital and Multimedia Art
  • Rhetoric 106: Rhetoric and Writing for the Workplace
      • Ph.D. in Education, Culture, and Society/Rhetoric and Composition, University of Utah
      • M.Ed. in Teaching and Learning, University of Utah
      • B.A. in English, University of Utah


      • Jensen, E.B. et al. (2022). Engaging Undergraduate Student-Athletes in Research and Publication Opportunities. The Sport Journal. https://thesportjournal.org/article/engaging-undergraduate-student-athletes-in-research-and-publication-opportunities/
        Undergraduate BAC co-authors: Desislava Yordanova, Lauren Denhard, Kira Zazzi, Jose Mejia, Timothy Shar, Julia Iseman, Tucker Hoeniges, and Madison Mitchell
      • Jensen, E.B. and Lackey, S. (2022) Media, Performance, and Student Engagement: Creating Video Lectures for Online Literature Courses. In John Miller and Julie Wilhelm (Editors), Teaching Literature in the Online Classroom, MLA. https://www.mla.org/Publications/Bookstore/Options-for-Teaching/Teaching-Literature-in-the-Online-Classroom
      • Jensen, E. B. (2019). Selecting a journal. In J.R. Gallagher & D.N. DeVoss (Editors), Explanation Points: Publishing in Rhetoric and Composition. University of Colorado / Utah State University Press.
      • Jensen, E.B., Stieger, J., and Zulim, W. (2019). First Year Composition/Technical Writing for Career and Technical Education Students. In Meryl Siegal & Betsy Gilliland (Editors), First Year Composition at the Community College: Empowering the Teacher. University of Michigan Press.
      • Jensen, E. B., Ashley, K., Park, C., & Dean, L. (2019). Student Empowerment: Reflections on Creating a Student Run College-Based Book Club in Rural Nevada. In S. Mawani & A.A. Mukadam (Editors), Student Empowerment: Reflections of Teachers and Students in Higher Education.
      • Jordan, J. & Jensen, E. B. (2017). Writing programs, student support, and privatizing international recruitment. In B. Q. Smith & N.C. DeJoy (Editors), Cross-Unit collaborations and curricula innovations that support multilingual writers. Ann Arbor, MI: University of Michigan Press.
      • Jensen, E.B. (2017, July). Writing in the Social Sciences (Online Section). Syllabus6(1), 1-10.
      • Jensen, E.B. (2016, November). Peer-Review writing workshops in college courses: Students’ perspectives about online and classroom-based workshops. Soc. Sci5(4), 72.
      • Jensen, E. B. (2016, February).  Online peer-review writing workshops and L2 students. Symposium on Emerging Technology Trends in Higher Education.
      • Jensen, E. B. (2015). Pre-service volunteer tutors in a writing center. In K. Charron (Ed.), Sound Instruction: Writing Center theory and practice (pp. 2-5). Stuyvesant Falls, NY: Rapid Intellect Group.
      • Jensen, E. B. (2015). Creation of third space in a bridge class: “Dwelling in and stretching out.”   Case Studies Journal 4(11), 50-55.
      • Tomas, Z., Gardett, M., & Jensen, E. B. (2014, Spring). Intensive Writing Institute for L2 writers: A bridge to university-level academic writing and cultural and institutional expectations. Writing and Pedagogy, 6 (1), 107-120.
  • Hutchinson, D. & Jensen, E. (2023). Transforming Writing Assignments with AI:
    Approaches for Using Artificial Intelligence for Fostering Student Engagement and
    Comprehension. WAC Clearinghouse.
  • Jensen, E. B. (2023). How Do You Do It?: Using Memes and Twitter to Teach Short Stories.
    Teaching American Literature: A Journal of Theory and Practice
  • Jensen, E. B. (2023). Instagram Writing Analysis and Reflection. In Michal Reznizki
    and David T. Coad (Editors), Dynamic Activities for First-Year Composition. NCTE.
  • Jensen, Erin B. (2023). Students Create Memes Throughout the Semester. In Michal Reznizki
    and David T. Coad (Editors), Dynamic Activities for First-Year Composition. NCTE.
  • Jensen, E. B. (2022). Using Memes as a Pedagogical Tool in the English Classroom:
    Promoting Student Learning and Engagement. Fringes Journal: North Carolina English
    Teachers’ Association. 4(1), 7-12.


      • Humanities Commons’ Influence on Writing Courses Engagement. Making Connections Conference #HCTwitterConf19
      • The Art of Likes: Writing Centers’ Navigation of Social Media’s Tensions. IWCA-NCPTW , Ohio
      • The Skills We Carry Forward: From Freshman Composition to Beyond. TYCA West, Utah
      • Languaging the Silence in L2 Writing Classrooms. College Composition and Communication Conference, Kansas City, Missouri.
      • Community-Engaged Learning in the Writing Center and Writing Courses. RMMLA. Spokane, Washington.
      • Sustainable multilingual pedagogies for L2 students: Cultivating More Inclusive Classrooms. College Composition and Communication Conference, Portland, Oregon.
      • Integrating Writing for Undergraduate Academic Journals into Writing Courses. The Workplace and Beyond: Technical and Professional Communication.
      • Figured Worlds: Chinese International Students’ Experiences in First-Year College Composition Courses. Rocky Mountain Rhetoric Symposium.  Salt Lake City, Utah
      • Cyborg in the Writing Center: Welcoming Technologies into the Writing ProcessInternational Writing Center Association (IWCA), Denver, Colorado.
      • Online peer-review writing workshops and L2 students. Symposium on Emerging Technology Trends in Higher Education. University of Utah
      • Influences of Chinese students’ writing in U.S. academic spaces. American Educational Studies Association (AESA) Conference. Baltimore, Maryland.
      • Online digital networks for L2 learners: Online writing workshops, online writing tutoring, and online writing classes. Western  States Rhetoric and Literacy Conference, Salt Lake City, Utah.
      • International Admissions Brokers: Streamlining or complicating writing support?  College Composition and Communication Conference, Las Vegas, Nevada.
      • The global and the local: International graduate students in U.S. Writing Centers.  International Writing Centers Association Conference, Las Vegas, Nevada.
      • Writing from sources: Examining university L1 and  L2 writers’ experiences.  Symposium on Second Language Writing, Lafayette, Indiana. 
      • Rhetoric and Composition Studies
      • Social Media Writing
      • Technical and Professional Writing
      • Multilingual and International Students
      • Writing Centers

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