Dear Friends,

Welcome to Academic Affairs at Belmont Abbey College! We are glad that you are interested in our school, and hope that you will pay us a visit in person. At Belmont Abbey, you will find a campus that is physically beautiful, an atmosphere that is friendly, and classes that will stimulate your mind, cultivate your spirit, and gladden your heart. At the Abbey, your classes will be small. Your professors will know you by name. You will get to know your classmates well and they will get to know you.

When you come to Belmont Abbey College, you come to a school that has been in Belmont for more than one hundred thirty years. You become part of the Catholic intellectual tradition that founded the world’s first universities and that continues to animate many of them today. You also partake of the Benedictine tradition of learning and holiness that has been a light to individuals and to nations for 1,500 years.

To be part of the Belmont Abbey College community is a privilege and a blessing. We believe that everyone who comes here helps to build up our community of faith and learning. We invite you to join us and to become part of the family that is Belmont Abbey College.

Dr. David Williams
Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of Faculty

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