Academic Coaching

Helping students achieve success is at the core of the mission of the Office of Academic Assistance.  Therefore, one-on-one assistance is available to all students seeking to improve their study and test-taking skills, establish realistic time management plans, evaluate their unique learning style, and develop sound academic success strategies.  Appointments for academic coaching are encouraged; however, walk-in visits are also welcome.

Hours – Monday through Thursday, 9:00am-6:00pm; Fridays 8:00am-4:00pm; other hours by appointment

Contact – Denise Rhodes, Coordinator of Academic Resources – Academic Coaching


All students are encouraged to take advantage of the free tutoring services provided by the College.  Tutoring is provided by faculty and highly-qualified peer tutors for a number of courses across the academic disciplines. Tutoring sessions are available on a drop-in basis during scheduled hours. Students can gain access to the current tutoring schedule by checking their BAC email account or stopping by the ARC. All changes to the schedule will be communicated through the BAC email system.

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Please note: The Tutor Schedule is subject to change based on the availability of our tutors.

Belmont CampusSun.Mon.Tue.Wed.Thur.
AccountingShoaf 4-6:30pmShoaf 4-6:30pm
BiologyGinski 6-7:30pm
Ginski 6:30-8pm
Mitro 7:30-9pm
Ginski 7-8:30pmMitro 7-9pm
Business -300 & 309Miller 4-5:30pmMiller 4-5:30pm
CS 100, BU/CS 265M. Brandolini 7-9pmM. Brandolini 4:30-6pm
ChemistryNanney 7-8:30pmMitro 7:30-9mNanney 7-8:30pmMitro 7-9pm
Criminal JusticeReisenauer 7-9pmReisenauer 7-9pm
Econ 201 & 202LoTruglio 7-8:30pmLoTruglio 7-8:30pm
EN & WritingC. Brandolini 7-9pmGaboda 4:30-6pm
McAlister 7-8:30pm
C. Brandolini 7-9pmGaboda 4:30-6pm
McAlister 7-8:30pm
C. Brandolini 7-9pm
HistoryLoTruglio 7-8:30pmGaboda 4:30-6pmGaboda 4:30-6pm
LoTruglio 7:30-8:30pm
Math & Math EssentialsLouis 6-8pm
M. Brandolini 7-8:30pm
O'Connor 4-6:30pm
Eganova 5:30-8pm
O'Connor 3:30-6pm

Eganova 3:30-6pm
Brosnan 6-8:30pm
Brosnan 3:30-6pm
Louis 7-9pm
PhysicsMitro 7:30-9pmMitro 7-9pm
PO -The American ConstitutionLoTruglio 7-8:30pmLoTruglio 7-8:30pm
PsychologyReisenauer 7-9pm
Reisenauer 7-9pmMiller 4-5:30pm
Connory 6:30-8pm
Miller 4-5:30pm
Connory 6:30-8pm
SC110Brosnan 6-8:30pmBrosnan 3:30-6pm
ScriptureHart 6-7:30pm
LoTruglio 7-8:30pm
McAlishter 7-8:30pmMcAlister 7-8:30pm
LoTruglio 7-8:30pm
TheologyHart 6-7:30pm
LoTruglio 7-8:30pm
McAlister 7-8:30pmMcAlister 7-8:30pm
CHARLOTTE CAMPUS - EnglishPapers to
CHARLOTTE CAMPUS - SC105Tiwari 4:30-6pm
Room 511
CHARLOTTE CAMPUS - MATiwari 4:30-6pm
Room 511

No time to stop by the Tutor Lab? Don’t forget about our Online Writing Lab

Click here to learn more about the Online Writing Lab, which is a convenient method by which students can receive feedback on their writing assignments.

At the Belmont Campus, all tutoring sessions will be held in the ARC.

At the Charlotte Campus, all tutoring sessions will be held in Room #511.

Hours – Sunday through Thursday, according to each semester’s posted schedule. Tutoring sessions are offered on a drop-in basis during the posted hours, and no appointment is needed.

Contact – Sharon Allen, Coordinator of Academic Resources – Tutoring & Study Hall

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