A home away from home

Belmont Abbey College is no stranger to homeschoolers; many of the students here have been homeschooled for at least one year of their life or are former homeschoolers just like you! This is an exciting and perhaps nerve-wracking time for you as you decide on a college because  you’re not picking a meal plan or a residence hall, you are picking out your future home for next four years or so. The Benedictine hospitality  starts with our Monastic Presence, but it extends out to the student body. Our small tight-knit community makes it easy to make friendships quickly, friends that you will instantly want to carry onward beyond your four years here and keep for the rest of your life.

An Abbey education builds an excellent academic foundation, provides the expertise that each student gains in his or her major discipline, grounds that learning with internship opportunities, integrates the whole student through a variety of rewarding and fun co-curricular opportunities, and equips each Abbey graduate to be a good person, a successful professional, and a responsible citizen.

The Catholic Benedictine traditions and values upon which the College was founded over 130 years ago inform all aspects of campus life, including academics. Benedictine monks take three vows: stabilitas, conversatio morum, and obedientia which when translated simply mean stability, being amenable to change and improvement, and listening. Belmont Abbey College provides a stable environment in which to listen, discuss and learn, to grow, and become open to change.

Belmont Abbey College is also happy to announce the formation of an exciting alternative college option specifically designed for home-school students: the Bishop Leo Haid Fellowship. The Haid Fellowship is a unique, new degree program that enables you to enjoy a full-time, quality, Catholic, liberal arts education with both a residential and online experience. With the Haid Fellowship, you’ll earn your four-year degree in three years. You’ll share this unique fellowship with a group of equally talented peers–and save more than 60% over the average cost of a private college education. We’ve combined the best of two worlds — an interactive online program and a true, residential, Catholic college experience. Click here to find out more

You May Never Want to Leave

JYellico“I love the community here. We’re family! The abbey is my home away from home.

Joseph Yellico ’16
Senior, Biology Major
Involved in: St. Thomas More Scholars Program

Belmont Abbey College student3“Being homeschooled has formed me and prepared me for college in a unique way. As a homeschooler I learned self discipline and motivation, and I learned how to think. I approach learning with a sense of wonder and awe. I was able to study what I love and work at my own pace and this prepared me for academics at Belmont Abbey College in a particular way. I still have a sense of excitement, respect, and wonder at discovering something new and contributing to discussion in class. As a homeschooler, I learned how to think for myself and look at the world as an individual and how my strengths can contribute. The liberal arts core curriculum further develops my desire to learn by teaching me how to look at every subject through the mind of philosopher and theologian. I’ve been practicing discipline and self motivation for years, which makes transitioning into the college workload and format easy! I came to college with a fresh mind, motivated attitude, sense of wonder and an excitement to learn, especially what I’m passionate about, from a Catholic perspective.”

Mary Kate Reid ’16
Senior, Business Major with a concentration in Management
Involved in: Hintemeyer Program, FOCUS Student Missionary, Ballroom Dancing Club

“I love it here because I have found friends that push me in developing virtue, professors that genuinely try to lead me to the truth, monks that are like my brothers or grandfathers and athletics that have pushed me to be the best I can be but not at all cost.”

Nolan Albrecht’16
Senior, Theology and Sports Management Majors
Involved in: Volley Ball, Music Ministry, Praise and Worship, FOCUS Student Missionary



We know how important it is to be involved. Homeschoolers tend to be involved in more extracurricular than the average student. Here at the Abbey we have 25 clubs and organizations you can be involved in such as Ballroom Dancing Club, Chess Club, and Crusaders for Life. For full listings and more information click here.

More than 85 percent of students receive need-based financial aid; 90 percent receive merit-based scholarship.

Here are some Prestigious Programs and additional scholarships we offer:

Haid Fellowship

Premier Scholarships

Academic Enrichment Program

Otchen Theatre Scholarship

Third Party Scholarships

Yes, your student will need to submit an official transcript. If you are enrolled in Seton Home Study or Mother of Divine Grace, these programs provide an official accredited transcript upon request. If you are not part of a program that provides a transcript, you may write one. Include the name of your school, your student’s personal information, a list of the names of the classes your student has completed, broken down by grade level (9th, 10th, 11th, 12th), and the letter grade your student received for each class. You will also need to include a grading scale and a calculated GPA. The school proctor (usually a parent) must sign the transcript. Check with your state’s Department of Education for any other requirements before mailing the transcript to Belmont Abbey College’s Admissions Office. For an easy one-page transcript we recommend using: FastTranscripts.com .
High school students are required to complete 4 units of English, 2 units of a Foreign Language, 2 units of Social Science, 2 units of Science, 3 units of Math, and at least 3 units of additional academic electives.
Belmont Abbey College is a small community that fosters growth of the individual in mind, body, and spirit. In classes of no more than 15-20 students, your student will receive personal attention from professors, benefit from participating in peer discussions, and be able to seek professors’ aid outside of the classroom as well as take advantage of peer and faculty tutoring. Much like home schooling, your student will have the opportunity to take personal ownership of his/her education and flourish academically. Transitioning to college life at Belmont Abbey is easy! With roughly 900 traditional students, our friendly campus is small and personal. Your student will have the opportunity to easily make many friends, participate in a wide range of student activities, and enjoy everything college life has to offer without being overwhelmed by size. Professors, faculty, staff, and peers are readily available to assist your student through the transition. You can help your student through the transition as well; letters and care packages from home are always welcome!
 Searching for the right college for your student can be an overwhelming process. There is a lot to consider. Visiting and touring campuses, meeting with faculty, and discussing the details of admission requirements with Admissions Counselors are all important steps in finding the right “fit” for your student. Belmont Abbey College offers a wide range of visit opportunities ranging from personal tours to open house events; register for a campus visit today!

Attend One of America’s Most Beautiful Campuses

Admission Events

Abbey Experience Open House

Visit us during one of our enriching “Abbey Experience” sessions. These special open house events enable you to visit campus while other prospective students are here. You’ll tour the grounds, meet students and faculty, ask questions of a student panel, and enjoy presentations by the President, Academic Dean, and Abbot.





Sunday Luncheons

Join us for mass followed by a brunch presentation and then a tour of campus.


Outstanding Academic Reputation

Belmont Abbey College enjoys an outstanding academic reputation, consistently ranking as one of the best liberal arts institutions in the South.

Recent acclaim included a top-tier ranking in the “America ’s Best Colleges” edition of U.S. News & World Report and The Princeton Review, as well as being listed as a “College of Distinction.” We take great pride in the fact that our prominent faculty, not teacher’s assistants, teach all of the classes, which average about 17 students. Students at Belmont Abbey College participate in a variety of activities, including over 40 clubs and organizations, an active student government, the highly popular Abbey Players, eighteen Division II athletic teams, intramural sports, community service, campus ministry, a literary magazine, Greek life, and much more. Our community realizes the importance of learning both inside and outside of the classroom, and strives to educate the whole person in mind, body, and spirit.

Our philosophy on financial aid is that no qualified student should be prevented from attending because of financial limitations. Belmont Abbey College annually awards millions of dollars in financial aid and scholarships to over 85% of the student body.

We welcome you to learn more about “the Abbey” and look forward to having you visit campus. For more information, please fill out our online form or call us at (888) 222-0110. You are also welcome to schedule a campus visit online. Please click here to learn about all our great visitation opportunities!


Schedule a Visit

Getting here is easy. Belmont Abbey College is just seconds from I-85 exit 26.

The main Belmont Abbey College campus is located at:
100 Belmont-Mt Holly Rd
Belmont, NC 28012

From Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT) and all points North: Follow signs to Interstate 85 South. Take I-85 South to Exit 26, the Belmont Abbey College exit. When you exit, you will see the campus in front of you. Turn left at the stop light, then turn right into the first entrance of the college. Turn right at the stop sign, and turn left at the second driveway. The visitor parking area is on the left facing Stowe Hall which is where the admission office is located.

From the South: Follow Interstate 85 North to Exit 26, the Belmont Abbey College exit. Turn left at the stop sign, and left again at the stop light. You will see Belmont Abbey College to your right as you pass over I-85. Turn right into the first entrance of the college. Turn right at the stop sign, and turn left at the second driveway. The visitor parking area is on the left facing Stowe Hall which is where the admission office is located.

Register for Abbey Experience by calling 888.222.0110 or click the button below.