The Honors College at Belmont Abbey

The Honors College at Belmont Abbey
December 7, 2022

Author: The Crusader Staff Writer, Maria Bagley

The Belmont Abbey Honors College is a four-year curriculum that encourages students to take part in diving more deeply into topics of friendship, philosophy, and religion, and how prominent all of these things are in life. By exploring “great books”, and works by esteemed writers and philosophers, the Honors Program inspires students to learn and live out a good, fulfilling life. The Honors College provides a scholarship for students who take part in this curriculum. The Honors College is a close-knit community, and with small class sizes it provides the ability to get to know one’s classmates and professors well.

While interviewing a sophomore Honors student who prefers to go unnamed, I asked them how the Honors College has been in comparison to the rest of their academic experience, and if it has caused them to grow in life. The student responded, “I feel as though I have grown not only in knowledge, but also in the faith and reason that professors instill in us as students.”

The Honors College focuses on Great Books, to encourage students to learn more from these great writers. Not only does the Honors College encourage students to learn, but also to take these important lessons, and live out their life with them. The students learn what is good, and are strengthened in this. The Honors College encourages critical thinking of one’s own. The Honors College is an important program of Belmont Abbey College, and encourages students to learn and grow in community with one another.

This article was originally posted in the Fall 2022, Issue 2 of The Crusader Newspaper. Download the full issue.