Congrats Undergraduate Research Conference Participants

Congrats Undergraduate Research Conference Participants
June 29, 2024

Author: The Crusader Newspaper advisor Erin Jensen

Congrats to the 37 students that participated in the 3rd Annual Undergraduate Research Conference last Friday! As you can tell from the titles, students from almost all majors presented on their topics. From English to Political Philosophy to Biology to Sports Management to Economics to Computer Science to Education to Business and most of the other majors as well. Student demographics included freshman, sophomores, juniors, and seniors. This event is scheduled to be held every year and we encourage everyone to participate next April.

Mary Burke: The rise of classical education and the retention of the Socratic Method.

Max Bournos: Documentation of Patient Fluid Intake and Output

Journey Bowie: Nursing Interventions and Education to Increase Exclusive Breastfeeding Rates in the

Kenneth Bowles: Impact of Life Satisfaction and Perceptions of Corruption on Political System Satisfaction

Sekyah Chestnut: The Social Side of Sports

Layne Diffley: Association Between Views on Oppression and Political Party and Gender

Michelle Dinh: Importance of Bedside Report to Improve Patient Care and Satisfaction

Xavier Dunham: Does communication between nurses and pharmacists impact patient medication
adherence in the inpatient hospital setting?

Tamiya Ellis: The challenges of poverty and first-generation college students.

Haleigh Evans: Case Analysis of The University of Missouri NCAA Infraction Case

Hannah Farmer: Crucial Need to Implement a Protocol for When to Wean Neonates Off of Bubble Cpap

Morgan Farrar: The Use of the Safeward’s Model to Promote Nurses’ Self-Perception of Confidence and
Interactions with Patients

Katie Flynn: The Person of Faith in an Increasingly Secular World

Izzy Gagliardi: Impact of Gender and Attending College on Political Ideology

Kiley Gallagher: Resilience Training Program for ICU Nurses

Korynn Green: Alarm Fatigue in the Critical Care Setting

Olivia Ivey: Long-Term Effects of a Concussion

Jessica Janson: The Effects of Prenatal Maternal Stress on the Development of Child Emotional Regulation

Jennifer Johansen: How the Prince of Egypt Teaches Us That True Greatness Comes from Compassion

Hannah Keller: Nursing Unit Design

Hannah Kurtz: Importance of Increased Hand Hygiene Compliance amongst Healthcare Workers

Madeleine McCauley: The Fall TIPS tool kit for preventing falls

Kirstin Naegele: How do mental health and self care interventions given from the workplace impact alarm
fatigue of bedside nurses caring for medical surgical patients?

Emily Nagel: Anxiety in the Attic: The Treatment of Women in the Nineteenth-Century Through the
Lenses of Gilbert, Gubar, and Gerwig

Ryan Nagel: What are the effects of religiosity and frequency of religious service attendance on an
individual’s views of the death penalty and its justification?

Connor Nanney: The Warm Hot Method

Lauren Reiland: Airway Clearance Guidelines for Full-Term Newborns Born Through Clear Amniotic Fluid

Andrew Singleton: P vs NP: One of The Most Important Unsolved Problems in Computer Science

Thomas Thierfelder: What is the impact of a belief in life after death and frequency of church attendance on
acceptance of Euthanasia?

Sophia Velasco: What is the impact of income and education levels on political satisfaction among

Evelyn Vesely: Preventing Surgical Site Infections with Pre-, Intra-, and Post-Operative Interventions

Nikolas von Spakovsky: How Biological Sex and Political Affiliation Affect Views on the Justifiability of the Death

Anna Williams: Russell vs. King: A Look at Sterne’s Interpretators

Sabrina Whitehouse: The effects of being a student athlete on mental health

Elizabeth Woodruff: Reading aloud impacts physical, cognitive and social-emotional development

Adison Yoder: Magic Squares

Clayton Zimmerman: Incarcerated Medical Ethics

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