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A Place Where Athletics and Glorifying God Come Together!

Thank you for your interest in Belmont Abbey College Athletics! The opportunity to become a Crusader athlete, while gaining a Catholic, liberal arts education at the Abbey, will help lead you to a “Home Run” of success.

To be a Crusader Student-Athlete

The Belmont Abbey College Department of Athletics values each college athlete as student first and athlete second, and in so doing, strives to create exceptional students so that in all things God may be glorified.  In this endeavor, the athletic department is guided by the Catholic intellectual tradition and the Benedictine spirit of prayer and learning.kv43ukirqosp8sbi

While training our athletes to become superior competitors, the Department believes in adhering to the physical and emotional needs of student-athletes in order to maintain their health and well-being. Coaches, faculty and staff continuously encourage learning and academic excellence while strengthening the athlete’s talents and performance.

The Department values the principles of Reclaim the Game and supports athletes in developing virtue, sportsmanship, honesty and integrity.

All students are highly valued and regarded as significant participants in diversifying, expanding and developing our college as well as our athletic program. The Athletic Department will ensure the equal treatment of all student-athletes.


Pope Pius XII, Sport at the Service of the Spirit

Pope Pius XII
“Sport, properly directed, develops character, makes a man courageous, a generous loser, and a gracious victor; it refines the senses, gives intellectual penetration, and steels the will to endurance. It is not merely a physical development then. Sport, rightly understood, is an occupation of the whole man, and while perfecting the body as an instrument of the mind, it also makes the mind itself a more refined instrument for the search and communication of truth and helps man to achieve that end to which all others must be subservient, the service and praise of his Creator.”– Pope Pius XII on July 29, 1945


Catholic Athletes for ChristPope kicking soccer ball

Our Mission

CAC’s mission is to serve Catholic athletes and share the Gospel of Christ in and through athletics.

Our Goal

CAC’s goal is to provide an integrated network of sports oriented clergy and lay people to serve Catholic athletes, coaches, and staff in the practice of their faith and to utilize the unique platform given to them to reach the world for Jesus Christ and His Church.

Our Vision

  • To develop and promote solid Catholic role models
  • To work with the Church leadership and Catholic organizations
  • To minister to Catholic athletes, coaches, and staff
  • To reverse the moral crisis in sports today
  • To create a network of Catholic athletes, coaches, and staff
  • To organize sports conferences, pilgrimages, retreats, and days of reflection

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Varsity Catholic

Core Values: Community, Faithfulness, and Service Mission: to pursue the imperishable crown, introduce the hearts and minds of student-athletes to our Lord and His Church, and live completely as disciples of Jesus Christ. Vision: to become the premier outreach for collegiate athletes, known for developing young men and women into inspirational leaders on their campus and across the globe.

What We Do

With a desire to serve the formative needs of student-athletes, we seek to have a consistent presence, always wanting to be available for them. We offer them an opportunity to learn how to live as Christian athletes on the college campus.

  • In Bible studies, they have a chance to encourage teammates and fellow athletes while being instructed in teachings consistent with the Catholic Church.
  • In one-on-one coaching/mentoring, we give them an opportunity to go deeper in their walk with Christ and help them become leaders among their peers (c.f. 2Tim 2:2).
  • Seeking to impact the local community, we host service events with the athletes at soup kitchens, homes for the elderly, hospitals and schools.
  • Seeking to impact the world, we host Mission Camps. These provide high caliber instruction in sport for impoverished youth, while also proclaiming our faith through our witness and instruction. (Visit for updates)

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The Christian Vision of Sports | Dr. Bill Thierfelder


Belmont Abbey & The Messick Award

Belmont Abbey College has claimed the annual Messick Award for demonstrating the best overall sportsmanship throughout the conference during the 2012-13 academic year and a league-high seven teams were recognized for having displayed the best sportsmanship in their respective disciplines. Belmont Abbey was crowned the individual sport winners in Men’s Cross Country, Women’s Cross Country, Baseball, Women’s Golf, Men’s Volleyball, Men’s Track and Field and Women’s Track and Field. “The goal for Belmont Abbey College Athletics is to achieve virtue and excellence in all arenas of competition,” Director of Athletics Stephen Miss said. “Being named the Messick Sportsmanship Award winner for the second year in a row by our fellow Conference Carolinas members is a testament to that commitment and to Dr. Thierfelder’s vision.  I would like to thank all our student-athletes, coaches, and support staff for their contributions as well as applaud each and every one of the member institutions that comprise Conference Carolinas and our Conference Office for their collective emphasis of sportsmanship.” The overall and individual sports awards reflect the vision of Belmont Abbey College President Dr. William Thierfielder, who stresses sport as a means of developing virtue and fair play. The sport-specific Sportsmanship Awards are determined using a voting process implemented by Athletics Directors, which calls for a coach and student-athlete representative to vote together and evaluate the sportsmanship exhibited by conference opponents’ players, coaches and fans during the regular season. After votes have been submitted, the conference office averages the results and the institution with the highest average for each conference sport is awarded the respective Sportsmanship Award. At the conclusion of the academic year, the institution that has the highest combined average among all conference-sponsored sports is awarded with the Messick Award, which is the highest sportsmanship honor within the conference. As an NCAA Division II member, Conference Carolinas prides itself on creating a positive game environment through sportsmanship to ensure a positive experience for student-athletes and fans alike. Click the link to view Conference Carolinas Sportsmanship Requirements.

Recruit Central

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Crusader. Belmont Abbey College has a long and storied athletic tradition. We expect the best of our student-athletes and hope you find all that you need in your quest to become a Crusader! Official Website | Athletic Training | Undergraduate Programs

You May Never Want to Leave


Brianna Mosby ’15
Senior, Business Management and Accounting Major
Involved in: Women’s Track & Cross Country, Student Government Association

“I love the Abbey because here I have found a balance between being able to compete, study, work, and develop relationships all while keeping the faith aspect of my life.”








Kendall Ratliff ’17
Junior, Business Major
Involved in: Men’s Basketball Team

“Belmont Abbey College really pushes me not just to be a good athlete, but a good person too. The best thing about the Abbey is the relationships.”


Cierra Skyers ’16
Senior, Education Major
Involved in: Women’s Soccer Team, Community Service

“Belmont Abbey has changed me. I’ve learned how to be a better person, and how I can help the world after I graduate.”


Baseball, Basketball, Bowling, Cross Country, Cycling, Golf, Lacrosse, Soccer, Tennis, Track & Field, Triathalon, and Wrestling

Basketball, Bowling, Cheerleading, Cross Country, Cycling, Field Hockey, Golf, Lacrosse, Soccer, Softball, Tennis, Track & Field, and Triathalon

Visit the homepage for Belmont Abbey Athletics or click on this link: and click “Recruits” (top of page).

NCAA Division II (Conference Carolinas).
Yes, Belmont Abbey College has Crusaders Club, which is the fundraising arm for the athletics department and has a student-athlete advisory committee (SAAC), which is a committee made up of student-athletes assembled to provide insight on the student-athlete experience. The SAAC also offers input on the rules, regulations and policies that affect student-athletes’ lives on NCAA member institution campuses.
Belmont Abbey College is a small community that fosters growth of the individual in mind, body, and spirit. In classes of no more than 15-20 students, your student will receive personal attention from professors, benefit from participating in peer discussions, and be able to seek professors’ aid outside of the classroom as well as take advantage of peer and faculty tutoring. Much like home schooling, your student will have the opportunity to take personal ownership of his/her education and flourish academically. Transitioning to college life at Belmont Abbey is easy! With roughly 900 traditional students, our friendly campus is small and personal. Your student will have the opportunity to easily make many friends, participate in a wide range of student activities, and enjoy everything college life has to offer without being overwhelmed by size. Professors, faculty, staff, and peers are readily available to assist your student through the transition. You can help your student through the transition as well; letters and care packages from home are always welcome!
 Searching for the right college for your student can be an overwhelming process. There is a lot to consider. Visiting and touring campuses, meeting with faculty, and discussing the details of admission requirements with Admissions Counselors are all important steps in finding the right “fit” for your student. Belmont Abbey College offers a wide range of visit opportunities ranging from personal tours to open house events; register for a campus visit today!

Attend One of America’s Most Beautiful Campuses


Outstanding Academic Reputation

Belmont Abbey College enjoys an outstanding academic reputation, consistently ranking as one of the best liberal arts institutions in the South.

Recent acclaim included a top-tier ranking in the “America ’s Best Colleges” edition of U.S. News & World Report and The Princeton Review, as well as being listed as a “College of Distinction.” We take great pride in the fact that our prominent faculty, not teacher’s assistants, teach all of the classes, which average about 17 students. Students at Belmont Abbey College participate in a variety of activities, including over 40 clubs and organizations, an active student government, the highly popular Abbey Players, eighteen Division II athletic teams, intramural sports, community service, campus ministry, a literary magazine, Greek life, and much more. Our community realizes the importance of learning both inside and outside of the classroom, and strives to educate the whole person in mind, body, and spirit.

Our philosophy on financial aid is that no qualified student should be prevented from attending because of financial limitations. Belmont Abbey College annually awards millions of dollars in financial aid and scholarships to over 85% of the student body.

We welcome you to learn more about “the Abbey” and look forward to having you visit campus. For more information, please fill out our online form or call us at (888) 222-0110. You are also welcome to schedule a campus visit online. Please click here to learn about all our great visitation opportunities!


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Getting here is easy. Belmont Abbey College is just seconds from I-85 exit 26.

The main Belmont Abbey College campus is located at:
100 Belmont-Mt Holly Rd
Belmont, NC 28012

From Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT) and all points North: Follow signs to Interstate 85 South. Take I-85 South to Exit 26, the Belmont Abbey College exit. When you exit, you will see the campus in front of you. Turn left at the stop light, then turn right into the first entrance of the college. Turn right at the stop sign, and turn left at the second driveway. The visitor parking area is on the left facing Stowe Hall which is where the admission office is located.

From the South: Follow Interstate 85 North to Exit 26, the Belmont Abbey College exit. Turn left at the stop sign, and left again at the stop light. You will see Belmont Abbey College to your right as you pass over I-85. Turn right into the first entrance of the college. Turn right at the stop sign, and turn left at the second driveway. The visitor parking area is on the left facing Stowe Hall which is where the admission office is located.

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